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Procurement procedures / RFP

Support in the contracting of technology services and/or systems, starting with the prior identification of the client's needs, identification of alternatives, and evaluation of implications (economic, schedule, implementation level, etc.), preparation of the associated documentation for the contracting procedure (specifications, RFIs, RFPs/RFQs), analysis of bids, preparation of award reports, and support in the negotiation process if necessary.

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Elaboration of technical proposals
ofertes tecniques.jpg

Support in the preparation of the required documentation to participate in public and private bidding processes. 

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their proposals meet all requirements and are attractive and competitive.

The service is designed to give clients a competitive advantage in the tendering process, helping them maximize their chances of success and winning new contracts.

Support in the application and justification of subsidies

Support in the application and justification of grants and subsidies intended for the acquisition of goods and services of a technological nature. This includes the preparation of technical reports, fundable budgets, and other required documentation, as well as the preparation of periodic and final supporting reports. Our services also cover monitoring the execution, schedule, budget, and achievement of partial and final milestones.

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Project management / PMO

Coordination and management of projects in the technological field, optimizing deadlines and streamlining communication between the client and the provider. Budget tracking. Preparation of all necessary documentation and collection of preliminary information. Validation of the achievement of objectives and the final installation documentation prepared by the provider.

Diagnosis and Action Plan

Technological audits and studies in ICT environments.

Highly specialized and strategic definition in information and communications technologies. Action plans tailored to the specific reality of each client, with a specific proposal for improvement actions, evaluated economically and implementable.

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Invoicing analysis of telecommunications operators
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Analysis of the billing of different telecommunications operators for the validation of the applied conditions, as well as the identification of improvement aspects, whether they are of an economic or technological nature. Support in the management of claims to operators for undue or incorrect charges.

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