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Elaboration of technical proposals

Support in the

preparation of the


documentation to

participate in

public and private

tender processes.

Our team assists clients throughout the entire proposal preparation process, from the initial analysis of tender requirements to the final submission of the proposal.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their proposals meet all technical and administrative requirements and are attractive and competitive in the tender process. 

The proposal preparation service is designed to provide clients with a competitive edge in the tender process, helping them maximize their chances of success and win new contracts knowing that the tender documentation will be prepared in accordance with the highest standards of quality, compliance, and effectiveness.

Since 2013

High qualified team


Experience in tender processes


Analysis of the tender: We carry out a comprehensive analysis of the tender specifications.



Evaluation criteria analysis: We thoroughly analyze the evaluation criteria to maximize the chances of success.


Strategy definition: Based on the previous analysis, we define the most appropriate strategy for submitting the proposal, including technical and economic content.



Identification of doubts and drafting of inquiries.



Documentation preparation: Preparation of the technical and administrative documents to be included.



Review and validation: Complete review of the documentation to ensure its coherence and validity.

Choose your model

Fixed Payment Option:

You will pay only for the hours dedicated by our team to preparing your proposal

A flat fee, no complications.

Success-based Payment Option: 
A minimum cost for the preparation of your proposal and an additional fee if you are awarded the contract.

If you win, we win.


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